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The Blonde Brewer

Brew Bag Taster Pack

Brew Bag Taster Pack

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Enjoy 5 packs of each blend. The Taster Pack includes: 5 Packs of Morning Wood Dark Roast & 5 Packs of PMS Medium Roast

Having a hard time getting up? Try “Morning Wood” the brew that puts the rise in your morning. Just one tea bag will leave you standing tall and ready to take on the day. No matter who you are “Morning Wood” will give you the perk up you need. So brace yourself for a brew that will make your mornings anything but soft. Ok, enough with the puns. Just try it out, we promise it will make you happy, if not, consult your mirror not us.

Riding the "roast-er-coaster" of emotions? Seek refuge in PMS coffee, the brew that balances the feisty and the frothy. Just one cup will have you sailing smooth and ready to seize the day. Whoever you are, PMS coffee is the steaming solace you need. Brace yourself for a hearty brew that turns your grumpy moods into groovy melodies. Alright, let's grind the puns to a halt. Just give it a whirl; we promise it'll transform your day, If not, take a moment to reflect, but don’t blame the beans, we just supply the magic.

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